Long-term Residency

If you have an RV that meets our requirements under 28 feet (FULL length from bumper to hitch) and only need parking for one vehicle, please contact the park manager at Kristin.jordan@anaheimharborrvpark.com. Upon application and approval, space may be available for move in.


THE WAIT LIST IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR ANYTHING LARGER THAN 28 FEET - THERE ARE NO OPTIONS TO MOVE IN TO OUR PARK AT THIS TIME. If you are currently on the wait list, we will contact you as soon as a space is available. If you are not currently on the wait list, please continue to check back. This webpage will be updated when the wait list has reopened.

 To be considered for long-term residency:

-Applicant must be the registered owner of RV

-RV must be year 2010 or newer

-Minimum stay of at least four months

-Application process required


Single Space (20’x40’)

-   $775.00 per month + water and electric

-   First month: $775 + taxes and $200.00 deposit ($1,106.75)

-   Maximum RV length of 30ft and one vehicle

Space and a Half (30’x40’)

-   $1,150 per month + water and electric

-   First month: $1,150.00 + taxes and $250.00 deposit ($1,595.50)

-   Maximum RV length of 40ft and two vehicles

Additional Information

*Residents must find their own accommodations for Wi-Fi and cable

* Additional parking for 1 vehicle may be added for $50/month
or $75/month for 2 vehicles (no additional spaces available at this time)

* When your space is assigned, you will receive a mailbox key
($10 cash to replace key if lost)

* Restroom access requires a $100 cash deposit
for a key card + $15 per month

* A pool key is a $10 cash deposit

12/2021 - Rates subject to change without prior notice.